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Gage Skidmore

2017 Comic-Con: What To Watch For

Comic-Con, the international entertainment and comic convention is taking place today through Sunday. Each year, tens of thousands of people head to San Diego to attend the event, and it generates a lot of interest online. While Comic-Con includes the traditional comic book and superhero movies (like Justice League this year), other non-comic shows like Game of Thrones have become regulars there. So, what can you look forward to at Comic-Con 2017?


A Justice League Trailer

One great thing about Comic-Con is the trailers. The Comic-Con trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was shown at the event in 2015 and people went nuts over it. It might have been the best trailer for the movie:



Justice League, which comes out on November 17, is the follow-up to Dawn of Justice and another trailer could be revealed over these four days. It could ride the wave of Wonder Woman and continue to build hype for the film which is quickly approaching.


Game of Thrones panel

On Friday, some of the cast of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones will be doing a Q&A session. We’re not looking forward to anyone giving away any spoilers (what would be the fun in that?), but it’ll be cool to get some insight and stories about the relationship between the cast and crew of the great show.


Black Panther Trailer

It’s safe to say people are hyped for Black Panther getting his own movie. The first trailer had people ready to buy their tickets:



They should try to capitalize on the anticipation from the first trailer and release a longer one at Comic-Con.

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