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2018 Oscar Snubs Include James Franco And ‘Wonder Woman’

The 2018 Oscar nominations were revealed today, and as always, there were some notable surprises and snubs. Some might question the legitimacy of The Academy in the first place, given the questionable decisions over the years, but these are some of the biggest snubs for this year:


Best Picture: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was the first DC film since The Dark Knight trilogy that’s been critically acclaimed, and many thought it would be headed for a Best Picture nomination when it released in theaters. The film already has people hyped about the sequel, and it simply doesn’t feel right that Wonder Woman isn’t one of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture.


Best Picture: The Disaster Artist

Some argue The Disaster Artist was an obvious snub for Best Musical or Comedy Movie at the Golden Globes, but the movie based on Tommy Wiseau’s attempt at creating The Room was at least nominated for the award. It is not even in consideration for Best Picture by The Academy, which is a bit of a surprise and could have something to do with its director.


Best Actor: James Franco (The Disaster Artist)

This is where it really gets interesting. James Franco won Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy at the Golden Globes, which is usually a good indicator of what will happen at the Oscars, but he is not even nominated for the award. There isn’t really any debate the sexual misconduct allegations were behind the snub, but it seems while he did some immature or inappropriate things, he clearly shouldn’t be considered a monster; and Franco might have delivered the best performance of his career as Tommy Wiseau, transforming himself into the eccentric character.


Best Actress: Jessica Chastain (Molly’s Game)

The Best Actress possibilities were very deep this year, and Jessica Chastain has been twice nominated for an Oscar (for 2012’s The Help and 2013’s Zero Dark Thirty), so perhaps she was just a bit unlucky here. However, Molly’s Game has Chastain at the center of everything in what was one of the year’s best films.


Best Director: Ridley Scott (All the Money in the World)

Kevin Spacey’s situation caused Ridley Scott and the crew to basically reshoot their entire movie with Christopher Plummer, but it still turned out to be great (though it barely missed a Best Picture nomination). Scott could have gotten the nomination over any of the five that are up for the award.

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Disaster artist was surprisingly great. Franco seemed like Wisseau and I thought was best actor


Franco is just like that. He didn’t force himself on anyone like that it doesn’t sound like. He’s that type of person.. probably inappropriate toward everyone not just women.

Doug J.
Doug J.

Wonder Woman isn’t Best Picture to me but it’s way better than some of those movies nominated.


Not a fan of the award shows


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