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Arian Foster Thinks He Can Take Down A Wolf

Arian Foster was one of the most interesting players in the NFL throughout his nine-year career. It seems his recent retirement has given him more time to think about some important stuff…like if he would beat a wolf in a fight.


Foster can be a controversial figure, but his Twitter is among the most entertaining of professional athletes (although Joel Embiid might take the crown on this one). This latest wolf debate started when Foster tweeted he wants to go camping but is scared of wildlife. Then he started the debate:




He seems to think a comparison between wolves and pitbulls is fair.



Foster's argument seems to hinge on the fact the wolves don't have opposable thumbs.




Foster also seems to think that he is much, much smarter than the wolf.







Although, Foster's former teammate Duane Brown seems skeptical that Foster would be willing to fight a wolf.



Arian Foster will probably keep the debate going as long as people keep tweeting him about it…or it'll reach into countless other deep debates and philosophical discussions.

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