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Four Ideas For Rian Johnson’s ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy

Yesterday, it was announced that there will be a brand-new Star Wars trilogy to be created by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. Unlike the first three trilogies, including the current one on its second episode, the new trilogy will not be a part of the Skywalker story. So, these are some of the potential directions Johnson can go with his green-lit three-movie Star Wars deal.



Does it get more obvious than Ewoks? The little and furry teddy-bear-like creatures were a fan-favorite from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi residing on the moon Endor, Ewoks would obviously need some more human characters to go along with them—but we’ve seen Planet of the Apes films go great. Perhaps frequent Rian Johnson collaborator Joseph Gordon-Levitt would work in great tandem with the Ewoks.



Everyone knows the legendary R2-D2—and his sidekick C-3PO—but the excitable BB-8 from the current Star Wars trilogy also got a ton of love from fans, and deservedly so. We already know Rian Johnson recognized the importance of Droids, as he requested R2 accompany Rey at the end of The Force Awakens instead of BB-8, but a trilogy based around the Droids might be difficult to pull off.


All New Characters

Rian Johnson could decide he wants to make it as unrelated as possible to the Skywalker saga. Lucasfilm and Disney clearly have a ton of faith in his ability—and The Last Jedi must be pretty amazing for them to give him his own trilogy already—so he might take the creative liberty to create almost his own world in the Star Wars universe.


Darth Plagueis

Of all the potential options, this would be the most awesome. If you’re unaware of Darth Plageuis, he was talked about before. He was the master of Emperor Palpatine—it doesn’t’ get much more menacing than that. Tracking his rise and fall would fill up a trilogy perfectly, and it’d be quite the story to tell.

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I would bet a ton JGL is in this


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