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‘Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Oakland Raiders’ Episode 4 Superlatives

Best moment: Antonio Brown shows his good side

Episode 4 started with Brown working out with an approved helmet and saying afterwards that it’s giving him a headache, but that was the extent of the drama in regards to either his helmet or feet. To end the episode, AB attended a local high school game, and the students went crazy for Oakland’s newest star, who seemed genuinely happy to sign autographs, take pictures, and basically be swarmed by fans (even flashing that patented white smile with kids climbing over his Lamborghini).


Worst moment: Rookie songs continue

The Raiders don’t have any hardcore rookie hazing, but they do make the youngsters buy snacks and—as we’ve seen scattered across the first four episodes—sing at a team meeting after stating their name, school, and signing bonus. After college teammate Hunter Renfrow previously bombed in his performance, cornerback Trayvon Mullen was arguably even worse and quickly got booed off the stage for his rendition of “Lean on Me”. Again, one big “rookie show” would be more entertaining.


Funniest moment: Trent Brown devours a Fruit by the Foot

Besides Jon Gruden being himself, last night probably wasn’t as funny as previous episodes—until the credits scene when six-foot-eight, 380-pound offensive tackle Trent Brown helped himself to the snacks in the back of a meeting room with the camera watching. The jolly 26-year-old quickly ate a Fruit by the Foot before scanning the rest of the selection, tossing something aside, and taking a bag of Doritos to go. It was even funnier because HBO showed the clip immediately after defensive line coach Brentson Buckner delivered the episode’s best quote (listed below).


Underrated moment: Jon Gruden gets sarcastic with the referees

Oakland’s third preseason game was played on an 80-yard field in Winnipeg because the Canadian end zones were deemed unsafe, and Jon Gruden was of course annoyed at the entire situation. First, he asked the referees for an explanation that he can relay to his team, then towards the end of the game, he would have made Randy Marsh proud with his obvious sarcasm directed towards the refs, including the suggestion that the league is probably thrilled and might even eliminate kickoffs now.


Best quote: Brentson Buckner

“You a habitual fat person that like to sneak around and eat.”


MVP: Antonio Brown

The first three episodes featured Brown for a lot of bad reasons, but last night showed the side that made him a fan favorite to start his career in Pittsburgh. Besides the closing moments of the episode when he was embraced by students at a local high school game, the superstar receiver took the time to open fan mail (even showing excitement for Steelers stuff) and express his gratitude for his supporters. If last night’s AB is the one the Raiders get all year, Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock will probably feel pretty good about trading for him.

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Quote as me laughin


Great season!


It is. People are seeing what the Raiders are about.


Decent episode I think first 3 were better.


They didn’t show the Doug Martin release.


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