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Opinion: Why I Won’t Be Watching ‘Mr. Robot’ Anymore

Politics is impossible to avoid today. From trying to watch football games on Sunday or wanting to check out what’s happening on social media, things today seem to be filled with such hate and vitriol. I thought television was a good getaway from it all. Of course there are shows from some directors that are probably not people I agree with politically, but they typically don’t use their shows as an avenue to deliver their political agenda.


That is, until I watched USA Network’s Mr. Robot last night.


I was going to write a review each week for the episodes in Season 3, but after last night I will not be watching Mr. Robot anymore. It’s sad, really, because Mr. Robot had a very good first two seasons and was one of my favorite shows currently on television. But, like NFL players on Sundays highjacking the National Anthem, USA Network allowed perhaps their best show to divide their fans.


In last night’s season premiere of Mr. Robot, show creator Sam Esmail decided to unfairly low-blow attack the President of the United States. You can watch the episode for yourself and fast-forward to the clip in about the middle of the episode, but he basically calls President Trump a weak leader that’s trying to make us prisoners (with the wall at the Southern border).


If you want to disagree with President Trump, then fine. But to turn into a propaganda machine and put out garbage like that is just not right. The United States is a great country and there’s no other country like it. To imply President Trump is some sort of dictator because he wants to secure the boarder is pure fiction and propaganda.


After watching the episode, I looked to see if Esmail had a Twitter account to see the type of things he might say. Here’s his tweet before the premiere:



He can say and believe whatever he wants. But that doesn’t mean it’s smart. Esmail, stupidly, has alienated probably about half the fans of the show. Some of them might continue watching, but if he keeps it up with a heavy anti-Trump season they won’t.


One episode like the season premiere of Esmail’s show was enough for me. I’ll stick to other shows that I can watch without having to worry about American citizens hating on their own president as if he’s someone that hasn’t shown he cares deeply for his country and its citizens.

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Giving it one more chance. One more Trump bashing and im done


I didn’t get a chance to watch the episode… happy I saw this. I will not be watching anymore. Was a good show but won’t miss it much


This speaks to me. I’m not necessarily a huge Trump fan, but he’s the president and the extreme hatred toward him is so ridiculous. I just want to watch the show without it being propagandized


What a diagrace! As if we have soms third world dictator. Disgusting from Esmail and USA Network!!!


Are you sure you want to stop your Fantasy Consigliere from auto-renewal?