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Top Ten Tuesday: Top ‘Hard Knocks’ Moments

This season of Hard Knocks premieres tonight at 10 PM on HBO, as NFL fans can get an inside look at the Oakland Raiders as they prepare for the 2019 season. The long-running series has delivered plenty of memorable, heartbreaking, and downright hilarious moments. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday goes over some of the best over the years. [NOTE: Some videos may be NSFW.]


10. Browns coaches meeting

Most of these in the top ten are going to be more light-hearted, but this Browns coaches meeting from last year was rather cringeworthy while also being somewhat tense. It gave an inside look at the dysfunction that would come to a head later in the season when both Hue Jackson and Todd Haley were fired.



9. J.J. Watt shows his legendary workouts

There’s a reason the league’s greatest players are the best at what they do, and Texans defensive end J.J. Watt showed why he’s won Defensive Player of the Year three times. Watt wouldn’t be able to do what he does on Sundays if it wasn’t for this work ethic.



8. Bob Wylie

Just watch and you’re guaranteed a laugh.



7. Ryan Tannehill doesn’t know the divisions

An NFL quarterback doesn’t need to know everything that’s going on around the league or the names of all the teams, but it was still shocking and funny to hear that former Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had no idea about the NFL’s alignment.


6. Shannon Sharpe impression

Rookie talent shows might be the safest bet for a highlight every season of Hard Knocks, and Ravens rookie linebacker Tim Johnson’s imitation of future Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe probably tops the list. Under the bucket hat, you can’t tell the difference between Johnson and Sharpe.



5. Vince Wilfork makes a fashion statement

Monstrous defensive tackle Vince Wilfork showing up in overalls and cowboy attire—and then wearing it during the team’s walkthrough—is certainly one of the most memorable moments in Hard Knocks history. Wilfork also showed that he’s an excellent basketball player earlier in the season.



4. Game of Thrones reactions

Back in 2017 when Season 7 of Game of Thrones was airing on HBO, Buccaneers players and staff showed that they’re just like normal people while discussing the epic series. It was cool that you could tell by the conversations which of them were more serious fans (like GM Jason Licht).



3. Rex Ryan wants to eat

After giving a strong speech to his team leading up to a huge season for the Jets, Rex Ryan delivered one of the best spontaneous lines ever.



2. Vontae Davis needs to call his grandma

You felt kind of bad for Vontae Davis being traded and being a bit confused by it, but it still made for funny television. It might seem even better when you consider that Davis would retire in middle of a game several years later. And on the bright side, Davis became a shutdown cornerback after landing with the Colts.



1. William Hayes believes in mermaids… but not dinosaurs

During the show, hearing former Rams head coach Jeff Fisher set it up that his player William Hayes 100% believes in mermaids but not dinosaurs was perfect. This clip shows Hayes’ skepticism that dinosaurs ever roamed the earth.


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