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2019 MLB Baseball Mailbag: April 12

The 2026 MLB All-Star Game will be in Philadelphia, but why is it known seven years in advance? That and more in this week’s MLB mailbag. Send your questions to [email protected] for potential inclusion every Friday.


Who is your top buy-low fantasy candidate after a couple weeks?

Aaron Nola has gotten rocked for ten earned runs combined in his last two starts (both against the Nationals), bringing his ERA up to 6.46 after three starts, which looks ugly on paper. It’s possible Nola takes a noticeable step back to an ERA closer to 3.00 this season considering how exceptional he pitched in 2018, but his upside makes it worth exploring what it’d take to get him in a trade. Nola is still an easy top-ten fantasy pitcher despite this slow start to the season, so he’s by far my favorite buy-low candidate.


I get the contract, but why do the Orioles actually have to keep playing Chris Davis?

For those unaware, Orioles slugger Chris Davis is on an 0-for-53 hitless streak dating back to last season, which is the worst mark in MLB history. He has a seven-year, $161 million contract that he’s in just the fourth year of, so the Orioles sending him down or placing him on the bench isn’t much of an option. The good news in this situation is that the Orioles aren’t good anyway, as they’re widely expected to be the worst team in baseball this season. So Baltimore should just keep playing Davis and hope he gets out of the slump—something everyone should be pulling for to happen. Davis kind of just needs some luck to come his way at this point, as baseball can be unforgiving if balls simply keep finding fielders even if they’re hit hard, and pressure continues to mount the longer this streak goes.


Which team do you think is more for real: Mariners or Rays?

The Mariners are 13-2, which is kind of absurd, but they’re scoring 7.8 runs per game with a league-leading 36 home runs and .295 team average. They’re going to cool off at some point, but they should certainly be considered contenders even when they do. The Rays, meanwhile, are on the other end of the spectrum, giving up an insane 2.0 runs per game, which also isn’t really sustainable. I do think both teams are for real, though, but I lean toward the Rays as more likely to keep it up.


I heard Philadelphia is hosting the 2026 MLB All-Star Game. Why in the world did they announce it seven years away? Just because they got Harper?

I was surprised the 2026 MLB All-Star venue was selected so early, as the few years before then haven’t even been selected yet. But that’s America’s 250th birthday, so the Midsummer Classic happening right around the Fourth of July had to be in the nation’s birthplace. It’ll probably be pretty awesome.

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